About Us

We’re living in a time when keeping up with new technology has become a lot harder than ever. On top of millions of apps and tools for phones and PCs, there are thousands of new ones released every day. Getting the right app and using it for the best output is a thing most people want to stay away from. 

But our plan and goal is to change that. Here at Appsoworld, we’re helping people understand technology better and use devices with confidence, not fear of ending up inside a maze. The most common problem we’ve heard about is choosing the right app and installing them safely. 

To help people choose apps that are worth having, we share the methods and tricks on how to install them across different operating systems and platforms. If you have a favorite app that you use on your phone and want to use it on your PC, we have guides for thousands of apps on how to install phone apps on computers. 

Appsoworld is a community that we care for, and feel proud to help people. Our team has engineers, designers, and developers to help people with different types of issues. We, therefore, do all the testing and make sure the apps we’re featuring are worth having and are not bad ones containing viruses or malware. 

The way we do it is, by installing the apps, testing them, taking notes, and deciding if the app is good enough. If we see the app is indeed a good one, we’d write a guide and review its different technical aspects to evaluate it through our tech-savvy eyes. Then, we only feature the app if we see that it doesn’t pose any security threat. 



30 August 2022